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iPhone 4 All Weather Case for Outdoor Users –
Waterproof . Form-fitting . Protective

InnoPocket’s Amphibian brings you the best waterproof play thru case for your iPhone 4.  Most cases will protect your iPhone 4 from dust and dirt but the Amphibian also protects from sand and water. Amphibian’s 2-in-1 modular design is the only waterproof case with an inner shell that can be used as an everyday polycarbonate hard case.

This molded polycarbonate inner shell is rigid and crush proof making the case durable and strong. The silicon jacket and its bump out corners will further protect your iPhone 4 from accidental drops. Amphibian is the ideal solution for all outdoor users. From golfers to yachters, mountain bikers to kayakers, it provides a level of protection and performance previously unavailable in other cases. The Play-Thru design allows for full control of the touch screen functions. Cutout at the back for the camera will let you to take underwater pictures and videos with your iPhone 4.*

* Please use external flash, if you want to take photo in the dark, the internal flash will have backscatter problem with the case.

* When operate the phone underwater, you need to fill the space between the screen and silicon jacket with air.


  • Waterproof, protective and slim form fitting design
  • Polycarbonate inner See-Thru shell for everyday use
  • Silicone jacket for added drop protection
  • Make and receive calls like normal phone.
  • Touch screen works through the waterproof case
  • Allows for underwater pictures and videos

MSRP: US$29.99