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AmazonSimpleAdmin version released

Today I released a new version of AmazonSimpleAdmin. Due to some trouble with the svn commit I skipped some version numbers, but you should not care about that. The new version has some great new features. It supports 2 new parameters for the If you want to use a template use it like this: The […]

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AmazonSimpleAdmin version 0.9.7 released

Today I committed version 0.9.7 of my wordpress plugin AmazonSimpleAdmin to the wordpress plugin repository. This update fixes the broken customer reviews. They did not work any more after Amazon did some changes to their webservice API in early November. I am glad that I found a way to seamlessly make the reviews work again […]

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Working on Customer Review Fix

I am working on an update for my plugin to fix the customer reviews, which do not not show up anymore in the current version. This is because there have been changes to the Amazon Webservice API in November. Besides I will fix some other minor issues for making AmazonSimplePlugin suitable for the current WordPress […]

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